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What LPS specific experience do you have that makes you the most qualified candidate? 

Over the past 18 years, I have volunteered countless hours in LPS. You may have seen me in the classroom, on the PTO, with a Booster organization, in the office, on a field, at the pool, in the gym and even in the middle of the night at After Prom. Outside of my family and faith, my time has been spent side by side with other parents supporting our children and assisting those who have the most important job there is, our teachers. 

I began my service as a room parent when my oldest was in Kindergarten and just finished serving for the last 3 years as the PTO president at Arapahoe High School. Being present and in the schools for the last 18 years has afforded me opportunities to see what goes on in classrooms, and work side by side with teachers and administrators. I have experienced first hand the challenges and creative solutions implemented to consistently provide a quality education amidst declining enrollment and budget cuts. I have served on the districts’ PTO President's Council, the Joint PTO Scholarship Committee, multiple booster organization boards and most recently stepped up to keep Arapahoe High Schools After Prom tradition alive for another generation of students. 

Add to that an educational base with 30 years of experience in the field of pediatrics and the care of children and families. That base includes substantial knowledge of growth and development from infancy through adolescence, curriculum development, evaluation of research and evidence based practice to assess and improve student learning outcomes. 

In short, I’ve shown up, not to push an agenda but to be present, to serve, to listen and then get to work for what is best for kids!

What are your priorities once you are elected?

In addition to the issues I have listed on my website that relate directly to my platform, my priority will be to work with the current and potentially new board member to build a cohesive team that can work together for the collective good of all students, teachers, staff and administrators, as well as the community as a whole. 

As school board director, I will continue to uphold the vision and mission that has made Littleton Public Schools exceptional by:

-Ensuring Littleton Public Schools continues to educate the ONE while maintaining high expectations and academic rigor thus ensuring Littleton Public Schools be the preferred district for families

-Recruiting, retaining and supporting exceptional teachers, administrators, and staff

-Being an informed, and fiscally responsible steward of funds allocated for education

-Advocating for community and family involvement to create partners in education 

Do you currently have children in LPS?

Absolutely! Ryan and I chose LPS as the district to educate our children in 18 years ago. It is a decision we have not regretted. Our 4th and final child will follow in his 3 siblings footsteps and graduate from Arapahoe High School in May 2024. Our children have attended Sandburg Elementary, Powell Middle School and Arapahoe High School. 

What specifically in your experience, background and skills would make you an effective board member?

As a longtime LPS volunteer and member of the community, my experience and background give me the important skills needed to be an effective board member. I have shown strong interpersonal skills as I have built relationships with teachers, staff and administrators. I have consistently worked on committees that require collaboration and coming together towards a common goal. I have shown a willingness to listen and learn, a commitment to teamwork, and an innate ability to make lasting and meaningful connections in our community. 

Campaign Contributions/Endorsements

The role of a School Board Director is a non-partisan elected position. My campaign position is that I won’t be accepting monetary or in-kind contributions or endorsements from politically affiliated organizations. 

Do you pledge to leave any political agenda at the door and, in your capacity as a school board member, focus solely on what is best for students regardless of political implications?

Most certainly! The role of the School Board Director is a non-partisan elected position. I feel strongly that my political affiliation remains the same. The LPS Board of Education has done an outstanding job at checking political affiliations at the door. I plan to do the same so that decisions are made based on evidence based practice and in the sole best interest of students. 

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